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Meridian Therapy Online

Want to know more?  Please call me to discuss: 07804 76 99 77 

I am offering Online Consultation & Treatment during the CoronaVirus Lock-Down. I have tested and tweaked this approach with a number of patients and the experience has been successful such that I am now happy to offer this more generally.​

Fundmental Goal

My fundamental goal remains the same, irrespective of whether it be through Acupuncture Treatment or Meridian Therapy Online. I want to engage with you, my patients, in such a way that I help you move in the direction of health. See Philosophy.


I want to give you tools and skills tailored to your condition

To empower you to improve your overall health and ability to adapt to the changing environment. To inspire you to return to your body. To rekindle your interest in your physicality. To get to know it. To explore it. To get a feel for it. To re-inhabit it. 

If we can achieve this collaboration now, future Acupuncture Treatments in the clinic will be able to work on a deeper level with more potential and effectiveness. Remember, Health is not simply about being symptom free. That is just the beginning! 


Meridians can be described as a network of pathways or correspondences which criss-cross your body in a 3D web-like structure. They run both at or close to the surface of your skin; and also internally, where they connect with all your tissues and organs.

Your meridians are your internal internet, transport and power systems all rolled into one beautiful, intricate and self-regulating structure. You are amazing!

Working with your meridians allows us to affect the functioning patterns of your internal organs, and the tonus and tension in your muscles, tendons, fascia and skin.

More, Not Less

This is not an Acupuncture Treatment. Instead, in Meridian Therapy, I hand over responsibility and control of your treatment to you.

You will actually receive more of my focussed time and attention compared with an Acupuncture Treatment in clinic as I am with you for the duration of the session to guide you and ensure that we take the best approach tailored to your case.


We will discuss your symptoms and condition to allow me to understand how you are feeling and to create a bespoke Meridian Therapy session for you. 

Meridian Therapy Online

We will run though a number of different approaches to stimulate your meridians. This is the same process I take in the clinic and stimulation of the meridians is exactly how Acupuncture works.


In Home treatment, we will use a combination of these very effective methods to stimulate your Meridians:

  • Meridian Movements

  • Meridian Stretches

  • Meridian Stimulation:  Tapping/ Self Massage

  • Meridian Stimulation:  Moxibustion

Smokeless Moxa

  • For inside use in your own home, I would recommend using Smokeless Moxa. This is available from Amazon here. 

  • If you prefer traditional smoking moxa I can send the preferred product to your home on request. 

Cost / Booking

45 mins session: £50

Please contact me for bookings: / 07804 76 99 77

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