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The health and welfare of patients is always our highest priority.  If we feel at any time that remaining open is not beneficial to them and the community at large we will close the clinic immediately.


  • Treatments are limited to 50 minutes duration in line with guidance.

  • Unfortunately we will not be able to allow early entry or extend treatment time due to the strict procedures in place.


Upon Arrival

  • We will take your temperature on arrival at the clinic. Note: If your temperature is above 37.3 degrees we are not allowed to continue with treatment.

  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands.

Face Masks​​

Protective face masks will be worn during treatment. If you do not have your own, we will provide one for you.

Precautionary Procedures For Your Safety


  • Patients to declare themselves free from any CoronaVirus symptoms at the time of booking an appointment.

  • Patients to confirm themselves free of any CoronaVirus symptoms on the morning of treatment, including, where possible, to confirm their temperature is not elevated.

  • Patients' temperature will be measured on arrival at the clinic (using a No-Touch Infared Forehead Thermometer). I will sadly not be able to offer treatment to patients with an elevated temperature/ fever.

  • Everyone entering the clinic will wash/ sanitise hands on arrival.

  • Face masks to be worn for the duration of the visit in the clinic.


Sterilisation & Cleanliness

The standards of hygiene and sterility are very high in the clinic. However we have implemented additional safeguards in light of Covid-19. Some simple policy guidelines in place for your safety:

  • Everyone entering the clinic will wash hands on arrival.

  • All surfaces, door handles etc. are cleaned with alcohol between each treatment.

  • Break between patients to allow (i) a complete treatment room sterilisation/ change of all towels and tools; (ii) eliminate patient to patient contact.

  • All towels and acupuncture/ massage tools are single use for each patient.

  • Towels are kept outside the treatment room so there can be no contamination from patient to patient.

  • Toilet & hand-washing facilities are cleaned after every patient

  • Ozone generator used to completely deep clean the air & surfaces in treatment rooms. 

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