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Treatment Study Group (TSG)


Treatment Study Group on the 4th Saturday of each month.


The word "Treatment" is included here in the title as the idea is to ensure that study and practice are rooted firmly in what we are are actually trying to do: Treatment. See here for more on Learning by Doing.

​(J)AMMS  -  (Japanese)* Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Manual Skills

These are the skills we are training in and learning together. I am keeping "Japanese" in brackets here to de-emphasise things a little. Good skills and techniques have nothing to do with national boundaries or ancestry. We will work on developing all of the skills necessary as set out below.


  • Day: 4th Saturday of the Month

  • Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm 

  • Location: Genki Clinic, Wimbledon

  • Cost: £50

  • Limited participant numbers.

  • Please contact me by email to reserve a space. 

TSG Overview


Phase 1

  • Treatment of TSG participants by me in my clinic in the same way that I work day to day, moving from patient to patient. 

  • The group will observe and become familiar with the flow of things. We will all experience the same event and phenomena. This will open the opportunity for discussion inspired by the progressing treatment. What occurs. What seems pertinent.

  • Discussion on theory will then be based on a living, breathing human being treated, allowing us to base theory in context - and to feel its character and flavour.


Phase 2

  • Involvement in treatment. 

  • As we progress, TSG participants will become more and more involved with the process of the treatment, carrying out massage and moxibustion techniques which we will train and discuss. 


Phase 3

  • TSG participants begin to lead treatment whilst observed and assisted by the other TSG participants. 

  • Yes - the idea here is Learning by Doing!


Skills Training 

We will train the fundamental skills we need in the clinic. This will, over time, include:

  • Needling Techniques

  • Meridian Manipulation

  • Palpation

  • Moxibustion

  • Correct Standing​

This image from a Manga by Ikeda Masakazu about Acupuncture Apprenticeship training shows Practice and Study going hand in hand (perhaps recommended in a 3:1 ratio!)

Why this format?

This approach is consistent with my apprenticeship experience in Japan. Fundamentally this is how I learn(ed) and how I believe we can best explore and further our skills and knowledge together.

A classroom approach is like sitting down for a cup of tea and a chat in order to train a martial art.... it's a nice idea, but it is exactly that... an idea. We need to DO.  We must inhabit the process. Feel it. We must be in the flow, experiencing the phenomena ourselves.

"Learning" is no longer a theoretical, passive experience viewed from the sidelines, or an unused pile of books that quietly chide us day by day as we studiously ignore them....

We are the protagonist. The words of the classics explain the cutting edge knowledge we are bending to our purpose. Or rather, learning to understand, follow and play with. But we need to bring it alive and own it by actually playing...


I am not here to teach. I am studying as much as any of you. And it is precisely this sense of exploration and investigation that I wish to cultivate and share in. The goal is then to manifest this same sense of true investigation in all of our treatments.

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