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Here are some incredible resources that I recommend for all acupuncturists of all and any stripes.

I do not receive any kick-back or affiliate benefits so click with confidence. 

Online Video
3 days professionally shot & edited.
The entire 2017 seminar up close. 

Master Class -  The Basic Concepts & Techniques of  TJM

with Masakazu Ikeda sensei & interpretation by Edward Obaidey sensei

Mastery  &  Basics
Ikeda Sensei is widely recognised  as the pre-eminent  practitioner in  Japan and a Master of both the Acupuncture and Herbal traditions. 
Echoing the Classic  title "Su Wen" ("Basic Questions"), his ability and art are based on a firm belief that:"Mastery consists of a thorough, advanced understanding of the basics." Mastery of the Basics (the  "fundamentals") is the true bad-rock on which our medicine and treatments stand. This leads to true understanding and reveals the complexities or 'Difficult  Issues' ("Nan Ching").

Ikeda sensei presents a unified theory that encompasses a wide healing spectrum.
The seemingly disparate strands of activity presented by TCM, Meridian Therapy, ToyoHari, Five Elements and herbal practitioners are all drawn together and understood as part of one unified body which Ikeda sensei has labeled TJM ("Traditional Japanese Medicine").

3 days professionally mastered and edited recordings

Beyond Stagnations & Deficiency: Resolving Blockages in Patient & Practitioner

with Edward Obaidey sensei

Edward will deal with the subject of blockages in the context of Oriental medicine. These blockages are to be found not only in the Patient but within the Practitioner. This seminar will investigate:


  • the meaning, manifestation and treatment of Blood Stagnation; Accumulation Disease; Concentrations; and Stagnation within Deficiency (false stagnation); and

  • blockages to learning and development in the practitioner.

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