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Ikeda Masakazu is my teacher’s teacher. He is the reference for oriental medicine. He has opened the path to the classical roots of this art, and its authentic pratice.


Edward Obaidey is my teacher (Sensei). A remarkable gentleman who somehow manages the impossible by being, at the same time, both truly oriental and truly occidental.


Sam Tam is my Tai Chi teacher. Perhaps better to call him a teacher of awareness. He is a force of nature.


Kimura Susumu is my Shiatsu teacher. A gentleman who deeply demonstrates the power within quietude.

Acupuncturists Apprenticed with Edward Obaidey 

John Blazevic – Vancouver

Junji Yamashiro – Tokyo

Charles Homonnay – Washington DC

David Nassim – London

Steve Blair – Barcelona

Kerri Winston – Atlanta

Chris La Rosa – Boulder

Keita Suzuki – Tokyo

Miki Levenson – Palo Alto

Misa Teshima - Fukuoka

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