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Ready for a Paradigm Shift?  Gravitate!


Your single constant companion.


Utterly consistent. Utterly unchanging. 

Your best friend. Or worst enemy. 


Your choice... 


The Big G

Gravity is quite literally the only constant in your life. The single most continuous, ever-present and unchanging stimulus on you from cradle to grave. 

Far from being a problem to overcome or fight, Gravity is actually responsible for the remarkable body you (should) inhabit. 

I invite you to spend some time and consciousness exploring the only thing you will ever know that does not change.

  Learn to Explore Gravity (Gravitate) to... 

  • shift your perspective

  • re-activate your innate childlike curiosity

  • learn internal body awareness skills (somatic intelligence) which empower you to know how to move and how to be still

  • learn tools to use pain as a true opportunity to understand what your body is showing you and to fix it yourself

  • learn to know yourself



Expect to have your mind and body un-learned.

Expert Physical Touch & Guidance (Dao-Yin)  and Verbal Guidance.

Reclaim your body, your movement, your stillness

Expect to have fun. Seriously!


Movement into Stillness 

We will initially deconstruct deliberately and deceptively simple movements. Like walking and standing etc. This will allow us to challenge assumptions and patterns that have been with you since childhood/ developed through trauma (physical and otherwise).

I will not try to tell you what is 'correct' or give you forms or structures or dogma.  Instead you will develop body intelligence to approach the learning/ investigation process for yourself. 

You will come to your own conclusions and choices. But it's likely that with investigation we will converge. 


  Dao Yin:  Massage & Guidance

  • Dao Yin (導引) means Guiding-Pulling. Using these principles I will help you generate the vectors that connect your body and movement powerfully with Gravity.

  • Rather than passive treatment, this is active hands-on massage and verbal guidance to reveal your innate capacity to be relaxed whilst active and upright.​

  • You will learn to stop fighting yourself. First Physically. Then Mentally and Emotionally. 

In a Nutshell...


An active but relaxed exploration of Gravity and the way that you relate with it.

I want to inspire real curiosity in extending your consciousness out of your head and into your body. 

We will develop bespoke movement and Vectoring* in collaboration based on your current patterns/ physiology/ pains/ limitations. 


These will be designed as skills for you to feel, use and inhabit your body as one unit.

Where etc. 


You are deliberately connecting to nature and your own nature. Weather permitting we will use Cannizzaro Park or Wimbledon Common. Otherwise Genki Clinic.

Where etc. 

What Not

This is not Personal Training. We are not trying to build muscle or endurance. Tendon and connective tissue (fascia) health will be emphasised.  You will find the sessions engrossing, invigorating and there will be improved overall body function, blood flow and breathing.

Where etc. 


Gravitate sessions are initially offered only on a 1-2-1 basis. Group sessions may become available in the future. 

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