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How is Your Relationship with Gravity?


Your single constant companion.


Consistent. Unchanging. Everywhere. 

Your best friend. Or worst enemy. 


Your choice... 


1-2-1 Standing Massage and Awareness Guidance for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

How is Your Relationship with Gravity? 

What are the most fundamental human needs beyond air, water, food and warmth?


  • Connection?  To feel contact. To reach out. Also to reach in and feel connection to ourselves.

  • Certainty?  Something constant, secure and unchanging in the constant change around us.


Gravity is the ground beneath your feet. Your only unchanging ever-present connection. 

Learn to relax and actually feel gravity in your body (to Gravitate) and you will develop a constant companion to know yourself by.

Expect to have fun. Seriously!

Bespoke 1-2-1 Session

Vertical and active, but deeply relaxed.

  • Movement: We will deconstruct deliberately and deceptively simple movements. Walking, standing, sitting... More complex movement will build on this foundation.

  • Massage/ Hands-On Guidance:  Massage will be delivered in the standing/ sitting positions. Although it feels great, this is primarily designed to guide and deliver awareness. It will reveal and release areas where you may believe you are relaxed and aware but in fact are not.

  • Verbal Guidance: Bespoke guidance involving simple but profound shifts of perspective.

Let Gravity Heal You

Aristotle had it right: You are what you repeatedly do. 


I will help you engage your mind, body and curiosity to consciously check in on your own body as you stand, sit and move.


I will not tell you what is 'correct' or ask you to believe anything.


I will simply guide your awareness and let you come to your own conclusions as you engage consciously and collaboratively with gravity (Gravitate).


You will likely challenge fundamental assumptions and patterns that have been with you since childhood or developed through trauma (physical and/ or otherwise).


Simple yet profound. Gravitate (explore gravity) to:


  • reveal your innate capacity to be relaxed, aware and effective whilst active and upright

  • optimise your own health and strength 

  • use pain to understand and fix your body

  • learn to switch off fully for sleep/ introspection/ creative concentration

  • stop fighting yourself (is gravity your friend yet?)

  • re-activate your innate childlike curiosity

  • shift perspective and reveal assumptions

  • develop self knowledge

  • generate conscious presence


Is this for you?

​Do you need to deeply relax? Physically? How about Mentally? Emotionally?

Do you want to be fixed? Or do you need to know how to fix yourself?

Do you want to be told what to believe? Or do you need to simply know. For yourself. From direct personal experience?

​Do you want answers? Or do you need to re-activate your natural childlike curiosity and find real questions?


Cannizzaro Park or Wimbledon Common, weather permitting. Otherwise Genki Clinic.

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