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Life is Change

Gravity is Constant

Phases of Gravity Training

Each person has their own unique body, history, injuries and process for learning.

There is therefore no specific order or hierarchy to the phases of Gravity Training.


There is usually a trend from physical to less physical, external perception to internal awareness, movement to stillness.

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Your Relationship with Gravity









Movement De-Construction

Investigation of the way you currently engage with walking, moving and standing.  Deliberate exploration of the range of alternative untapped movement possibilities.

Injury & Pain Specific Exploration

With focussed awareness, we collaboratively diagnose and create intelligent, interesting movement strategies to address your existing injuries. Pain means increased sensitivity. We harness this to re-integrate the injured area with the rest of your body.

Movement Re-Construction

Through increased internal awareness and improved movement (as pain and injury are reduced) you build a library of intelligent, gravity-connected movement patterns.

Movement Miniaturisation


Focus shifts from large external movement to emphasis on awareness and relaxed control of tension and forces throughout your body as you move. Movement is shared as a collaboration across your whole body rather than limited to specific joints.

Stillness Deconstruction

Standing still becomes an actively poised, gravity-connected and deeply relaxed state of readiness and awareness.


Your breath starts to naturally regulate and integrate with your consciously relaxed body.

Nervous System

You acquire conscious awareness of the state of your nervous system and ability to deliberately calm or excite it.

Emotional Intelligence & Awareness

Emotions are physiological events in your body involving a release of neurotransmitters and other chemicals.


You can control them about as much as you can control the weather.


However, with increased body awareness you can begin to feel and recognise these emotions and develop the capacity to control how you respond to and interpret them.



As you begin to Know Yourself you interact and interface more skilfully with the ground beneath your feet and with your fellow human beings.

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