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Your Relationship with Gravity


Your constant companion.


Consistent. Unchanging. Everywhere.

Your best friend. Or worst enemy.

Your choice.

Bespoke 1-2-1 Body Awareness & Intelligence

Bespoke sessions based on your needs, injuries and goals.

Vertical and active, but deeply relaxed.


We will deconstruct deliberately and deceptively simple movements. Walking, standing, sitting...


I will help you engage your mind, body and curiosity to consciously check in on your own body and develop intelligent movement.

Standing Massage

Massage will be delivered in the standing/ sitting positions. Although it feels great, this is primarily designed to guide and deliver awareness.


It will reveal and release areas where you may believe you are relaxed and aware but in fact are not.

Verbal Guidance

Bespoke guided awareness and introspection enabling simple but profound shifts of perspective as you engage consciously with gravity. 

We will inspire real fun and curiosity in extending your consciousness out of your head and into your body.


Your body knows what it needs. Do you know how to listen?


  • Reveal your innate capacity to be relaxed, aware and effective whilst active and upright

  • Develop internal body awareness empowering you to know for yourself how to move and how to be still

  • Optimise your own health, strength and performance

  • Use pain as an opportunity to understand your body and to fix it yourself

  • Improved tendon, fascia & nerve health.


  • Learn to switch effectively between poised/ active/ engaged and sleep/ introspection/ creative concentration

  • Stop fighting yourself 

  • Re-activate your innate childlike curiosity 

  • Shift your perspective and reveal assumptions


  • Generate conscious presence

  • Know yourself

  • Learn to actually relax and just be human

We know about IQ and EQ. But what about ‘BQ’...

Body Intelligence means extending your awareness out of your head to access the untapped intelligence available in your body.

How is Your Relationship with Gravity?​

  • An innovative approach to movement (and stillness) designed for you to engage consciously and collaboratively with gravity.

  • Learn to actually feel and direct gravity in your body and you will discover your lifelong constant companion to help you know yourself, heal yourself and develop yourself.

  • Master your nervous system and emotions, self-generate physical & mental health and optimise performance.

  • Tap your dormant somatic capabilities and reclaim youthful, flexible movement.

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