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Life is Change

Gravity is Constant

Gravity Clinic & Genki Clinic

Acupuncture was developed through dedicated internal observation and focussed conscious awareness in the body. The goal was to optimise health & performance and extend supple youthfulness into old age.  


The same process of deliberate body awareness and training also resulted in deep knowledge of how remain relaxed but effective whilst active and upright. 


Together, acupuncture treatment and good movement knowledge offer a Yin-Yang pair which feed into and support one another for your overall health.

Are you good at being Horizontal?


In Acupuncture you are horizontal and passive. 


You deliberately relax as much of your body, mind and nervous system as possible.


In this receptive state, the treatment potentiates your body to realign, reconnect and remember its natural innate 'health instinct'.


Genki Clinic develops your skill at being horizontal, relaxed & receptive.

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Are you good at being Vertical?


When you engage with the world, you are active and vertical. 


Simply being vertical is the archetypal state of being human. You probably spend about ⅔ of your life being vertical in one form or another. 


Gravity Clinic develops your skill at being vertical whilst relaxed, effective and efficient.

How well do you know your foundation?

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Your Relationship with Gravity

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