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Life is Change

Gravity is Constant

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Why Gravity?


Gravity is the foundation on which you build yourself. Throughout life, all other influences wax and wane. But gravity is constant, unchanging and consistent. It is the fundamental influence on you.



Unless you somehow manage to make it off this beautiful planet (and ignoring acceleration forces) the amount of gravity you experience will vary minutely throughout your entire life. It is your one constant companion from cradle to grave.


Your Best Friend?

Far from being a problem which you must somehow overcome or fight, Gravity is actually responsible for the rather remarkable body you (should) inhabit. Without it you might be, at best, a jellyfish-like blob.

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Your Relationship with Gravity

How is Your Relationship with Gravity?

The way you relate with and respond to gravity literally builds your bones, your muscles, your fibers, your organs...


You could say you are built from the ground up. 


But the building process is constant, alive and ongoing. It's happening right now. Change your relationship with gravity and you literally rebuild your physical self.


Half of wisdom is learning...

The other half is un-learning.




Humans fundamentally engage with life vertically. Standing, sitting, walking... These are the building blocks on which your daily movement and expression is based. 


Acquired Patterns

It's quite a balancing act. The only contact you have with the earth is your feet. And the way you hold yourself vertical is based on patterns.


These are generally acquired unconsciously in childhood, developed ad-hoc through habit and moulded now and then through trauma and injury.

Un-Learn to Re-Learn

Harnessing and consciously improving your relationship with gravity will result in unlearning and reassessing some of these long held patterns.


The effects can be profound and include regained strength, health and significantly improved performance. This extends well beyond the physical. More on that below.


...& Modern


Deconstruct & Re-Language  

This is where gravity comes in. With a modern perspective we can deconstruct the fundamentals of these arts.


Rather than trying to decipher an esoteric practice, with simple shifts of perspective and changes in the way things are languaged and framed, we can democratise the process. 


Don’t Think. Feel

The result is that you can immediately begin to feel and play with gravity as it passes through your body without having to worry about whether you are “doing it right”.


You are going direct to the source. You get immediate access to the direct personal experience. 


Don't Believe. Know

Gravity is constant and unchanging. By rooting your exploration and experimentation here, you get immediate solid, palpable knowledge and feedback through your own physical senses without the need for any dogma or belief.



How to Harness?

The ancient orients understood this deeply.


Through deliberate introspection and consciousness attention within their bodies, they developed methods for exploring and harnessing their relationship with gravity.


This resulted in ChiGung and the internal martial arts (TaiChi, I-Chuan, BaGua, etc.) with some truly impressive human capacity and performance.


The same process also resulted in the development of Acupuncture.

The Challenge?

The trouble is that although these and other systems contain fantastic knowledge, they are often shrouded in a potent mix of poetic mystical language and misunderstanding, secrecy and unexamined dogma. As a result they can be notoriously difficult to learn properly and actually benefit from.

Optimise Performance

With this enhanced body knowledge/ sense (“Somatic Intelligence”) you can begin to deconstruct the movement and control required for any other physical activity that takes your interest.


As a result you are likely to find scope for improved performance.


The Way never acts. Yet nothing is left undone. 


Re-Lax... and... Be

Fighting Yourself?

Where things get interesting is that you start to realise how much you have been fighting yourself. Just to stand up!


How much unnecessary effort/ energy/ capacity are you using?


What could you achieve if you bring this extra capacity to bear in your goals/ endeavours?


Wu Wei

This process of realisation and consequent relaxation usually begins on the physical level. But the oriental concept of Wu Wei meaning “doing only that which is necessary and nothing more” extends to our mental and emotional selves too.

Life is Change... 

Let's see if we can look at this whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground.


To truly relax, our fundamental human needs must be met.  Coming in right after the basic survival requirements of air, water, warmth and food are perhaps the needs for:

  • Connection

        To feel contact. To reach out. Also to reach in and feel connection to ourselves.


  • Certainty

        Something constant, secure and unchanging in the constant change around us.              A place to stand. 


...Gravity is Constant


Engaging consciously with ever-present, unchanging gravity can begin to create a deep personal experienced foundation for addressing these needs in our relationship with ourselves.


This begins to influence us well beyond the physical, and changes the way we engage with life and our relationship with others.

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