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Your Relationship with Gravity

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Life is Change

Gravity is Constant

What to Expect

A mix of Standing Massage, Guided Introspection & Simple Movement.

Consciously discover the vectors that connect and align your body powerfully and gracefully with gravity.


  • Dao Yin (導引) means Guiding-Pulling. Using these principles I will help you generate the most efficient and effective vectors that connect your body and movement powerfully and fluidly with gravity

  • You will find the sessions engrossing and invigorating and will reclaim resilient, flexible, youthful movement

  • You will likely challenge fundamental assumptions and patterns that have been with you since childhood or developed through trauma (physical and/ or otherwise)

  • Expect to have your body ‘un-learned’


  • I will not tell you what is 'correct' or give you set forms, structures or dogma. I will not ask you to ‘believe’ anything. 

  • Instead you will acquire body intelligence to approach the learning/ investigation for yourself and arrive at your own conclusions. 

  • Don’t Think. Feel!


  • Expect to generate a sense of conscious presence.

  • Develop the internal space enabling you to respond rather than react to your emotions.

  • Expect to have fun. Seriously!​​

Can you check in and consciously guide the force that shapes you?

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